Did you know that grace doesn’t stop with salvation?

It’s true we are saved by grace. Salvation is a free gift from God through Jesus Christ. But grace doesn’t stop there. We can walk in grace after salvation . . . because as believers we are:

1. forgiven of all our sins . . . past, present and future, and
2. completely accepted by God, in Christ Jesus, through the New Covenant.

Nothing we do can make God love us more.
Nothing we do can make God love us less.

There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.

“It is finished.”

May God use “Grace For Life” to bless you . . . .
As you grow in the knowledge of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
As you grow in the knowledge of what He has done for you.
As you grow in the knowledge of what He has done in you.
As you grow in the knowledge of who you are in Christ.
As you grow away from “performance-based” religion, and toward Him who is your Life.

Our Mission

To lead Christians out of legalism and into grace, and
communion with Christ, through a growing understanding of:

1. Our absolute forgiveness from all our sins, past, present, and future,

2. Our identity in Christ, dead to sin and alive to God,
as a new creation, through our death, burial, and resurrection with Christ, and

3. Christ in us, the hope of glory, making us one with Him, Who is our life.

Abbreviated Doctrinal Statement

1) We believe the Sovereignty of God is the foundation of all good theology. By “the Sovereignty of God” we mean that God is active in His creation, accomplishing His will and advancing His own purposes according to His predetermined will and good pleasure.

2) We believe in the Trinity of God. By that we mean that God represents Himself in Scripture as three persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – though they are one in purpose, one in character, and equally God.

3) We believe that Jesus, God the Son, was born to a virgin, lived a sinless life, died to pay for sins, and rose again from the dead.

4) We believe in salvation by grace alone, through faith in Jesus Christ alone, not of works, lest any man should boast.

5) We believe in these Doctrines of Grace:

a. Total Depravity — Men are fallen creatures, depraved in mind and heart, incapable of doing anything in their unregenerate state to save themselves or assist in their salvation in any way. They are dead in their sins and trespasses.

b. Unconditional Election — God has, for His own purposes, unconditionally chosen some for salvation, before the foundation of the earth, as an act of grace, mercy and love.

c. Particular Redemption — Although the death of Christ paid a price sufficient for the reconciliation of the whole world, and “whosoever will” may freely come to Him, He died for the express purpose of purchasing salvation for His elect ones. He who knew no sin became sin for us, that we might be made the righteousness of God.

d. Irresistable Grace — God regenerates His Elect, and indwells them, thereby making them a “new creation”, irresistably drawn to their Beloved.

e. Perseverance of the Saints — Having been chosen from before the foundation of the world, bought with the price of Christ’s blood, regenerated and indwelt by the Spirit of God, those elect saints will most certainly persevere in the faith until their glorification.

6) We believe that the Scriptures, the Old and New Testaments, are the final authority in all issues of the Christian faith and practice. We believe that the Scriptures are inspired by God and inerrant in the original. We also are in general agreement with the London Baptist Confession of 1646.

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  1. Hi! I’m happy to have run across your website! My husband and I are new to the realization that grace doesn’t end at salvation. We didn’t even realize that we believed that, until we examined our lives closer with help from the folks at the Life Center (Grand Rapids MI area). Now I am attempting to start a blog because I am eager to share the truth that the Lord has shown us!
    Do you have any advice for a brand new blogger? And- we are having difficulty finding a church that teaches grace-filled living. Suggestions are most welcome as we continue to seek the Lord in this matter.

    • Hi Laura,

      So sorry I haven’t answered your comment, but I just noticed it — transitioning from Blogger to WordPress has been a little confusing at times.

      Anyway, great to hear of your progress in your Christian life. The Life Center looks great. Grand Rapids is my home town, though I’ve been in Tennessee since 1986 🙂

      Best advice for a new blogger: 1) write — that may sound obvious, but I have to remind myself that “time flies”, and you gotta just do it, 2) if it’s a Christian blog, try to keep Christ in every post, 3) keep VERY short paragraphs — otherwise VERY few people will read it — this is just the reality of the online reader, who is always ready to “click” away, and won’t work hard to wade through long paragraphs.

      Wish I could help with a local church selection, but I’ve lost touch with what’s in Grand Rapids, and it is often difficult to find one that understands what we’re talking about here.


  2. I am concerned with this statement above:

    b. Unconditional Election — God has, for His own purposes, unconditionally chosen some for salvation, before the foundation of the earth, as an act of grace, mercy and love.

    The cross was for ALL… not some. Salvation was freely given to ALL… through one man all sinned… through one man all were redeemed… it’s our choice, not God’s, whether or not we accept the gift. To believe the above is to believe that God is an exclusionary God, and that is not so. It is not His desire that ANYONE should perish… He didn’t bring us into the covenant of grace to say, “Ooops… sorry, no grace for you. You aren’t among my ‘some’ “.

    • Christi,
      Jesus told Nicodemus that a man must be born again to even SEE the kingdom.

      Until that new birth (regeneration) takes place, one is dead in their sins. Literally dead. Not symbolically, nor metaphorically. Literally dead. Except it’s *spiritually* dead.

      The spirit is dead to God, and alive to sin.

      They do indeed have a free will (of a sort), but that will is bound by their sinful nature, and they will never believe in Jesus Christ until that sinful nature is made new (the new birth).

      That’s why I always recommend Luther’s fun book, “The Bondage of the Will”.

      Until a person is born again, Jesus said, he can’t even see the kingdom of God. We can add, “let alone believe in it’s King”.

      To believe the Gospel is a spiritual thing. But the Word says that the natural man cannot understand spiritual things. They must first be born again.

      “Believing the gospel is SEEING (and therefore no longer being able to deny) the REVELATION by God of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and slain Lamb risen from the dead.”

      That’s what the doctrine of “Irresistable Grace” is about. One can’t NOT believe when the revelation of the truth is given by God to the regenerated heart.

      To illustrate: If I hold a quarter in my closed hand and ask you, “Do you believe I have a quarter in my hand?”, you may WANT to believe, you may SORT OF believe, but you can’t REALLY and UNDENIABLY believe, because you can’t see it.

      But if I open my hand and REVEAL it to you, you can’t NOT believe I have a quarter in my hand. You’re not CHOOSING to believe, you merely BELIEVE.

      THAT is why a man MUST be born again.

      And only THAT is true grace.

      I’m well aware that many have caused confusion on this matter, which stems from legalism — that legalism which says that there MUST be SOME kind of good deed from the sinner, if only the teeny little “good deed” of believing by their own free will.

      But they are wrong. That BELIEVING is merely SEEING the truth because it’s REVEALED to the heart through the new birth which comes to some in the preaching of the Gospel, which is the POWER of salvation, not just an OPPORTUNITY for it.

      “He shall be called Jesus because He SHALL save His people from their sins!”, not leave it up to them.

      One last question to ponder, Christi — because I’m just planting seeds here — I don’t expect you to jump up as a fully-grown Oak Tree shouting, “Eureka!” …

      If two people die, and one goes to heaven and one to the lake of fire, based on their “free will”, how did they differ in this life?

      In other words, what made the difference in them, for one to “choose” Christ, and the other to not “choose” Christ?

      Whatever your answer, it will inevitably involve something “better” in one of them, which brings one full circle to “merit” or “works” of some kind, and that’s not grace.

      “Now a certain woman named Lydia heard us. She was a seller of purple from the city of Thyatira, who worshiped God. The Lord opened her heart to heed the things spoken by Paul.” – Acts 16


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